Terms and conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS “Subscribers)” means any person as defined under General Clauses Act, 1899 who has subscribed to the Services by signing this Subscriber Requisition Form , limited by downloads and amount, it includes a person who is acting on or for behalf of the Subscriber

“Customer Subscription Form” shall mean a form duly filled by the Customer, inter alia, providing details of the Customer, the Installation Address, and the Subscribed Services.

“Quadplay Broadband Pvt. Ltd.” or “Quadplay ” means a company incorporated under the provisions of Companies Act of 1956, having its registered office atChandra House, 1st floor, 8- Lady Hardinge Road,
Gole Market,

“Services” shall mean the broadband/high speed internet access and services offered by Quadplay.

“Subscription Charges” shall mean the rates, fees, charges, etc. applicable for the Subscribed Services (including without limitation activation or installation fees, usage charges, deposits, advances & service charges; and applicable taxes, levies, etc.). as specified in the Services Requisition Form and any other amount required to be paid by the Subscriber(s) to Quadplay.

“Services Requisition Form” or “SRF” shall mean and include (i) this SRF bearing a unique combination of alphabetical/numerical numbers, that provides the Services, in different packages, currently being offered by Quadplay in the Territory, (ii) the Terms and Conditions; (iii) AUP; (iv) GTCs; and (v) PTCs and their corresponding service charges.

“Subscribed Services” shall mean the package amongst the Services subscribed by the Subscriber.

“Territory” shall mean specified territory where the Subscribed Services are offered by Quadplay.

“Customer Premises Equipment or CPE” shall mean any electronics (Modem / WiFi Routers) provided by ADN to the Subscriber for accessing the Subscribed Services.

Scope Upon receipt of complete and duly signed Subscriber Registration Form (including supporting documents to the satisfaction of Quadplay) and the realized Subscription Charges, the authorized representative shall make reasonable efforts to undertake the Installation, Activation and Commissioning at the Installation Address within three (3) working days, subject to availability of the Subscriber. The Subscriber understands that Quadplay shall not be responsible for any direct or consequential loss incurred or suffered by the Subscriber due to delay in the Installation/Activation/Commissioning at the installation address.

Quadplay reserves the right to reject any SRF in case the particulars provided therein are incomplete, incorrect or for any other legally just and valid reason, without any liability whatsoever. In such eventuality, if the Subscriber installation has taken place, the Subscriber shall forthwith return the CPE in good working condition to Quadplay; if the Subscriber fails to return the CPE to Quadplay, then Quadplay shall have the right to adjust the cost of the CPE, as per the prevailing market rates of such CPE, from any charges, payable to the Subscriber. In the event, such cost is not recoverable from the Subscriber or any other charges then Quadplay shall have the right to pursue appropriate legal action at the cost and expense of the Subscriber, against the Subscriber.

For prepaid/postpaid Subscribed Services, if any, Quadplay shall provide the Subscribed Services to the Subscriber till the validity of the Subscribed Services, i.e. for the value or term, as specified in the Services Requisition Form, whichever expires earlier. Upon such expiry/termination, the Subscriber shall cease to use the Services immediately; however, the Subscriber shall be liable to pay the Subscription Charges besides any other outstanding dues payable to Quadplay till the date of disconnection.

Quadplay reserves the right, without any prior intimation to the Subscriber and without any liability, (i) to replace or withdraw the Subscribed Services, (ii) change the duration of availability of the Subscribed Services, and (iii) modify the charges for the Subscribed Services.

By signing this SRF, the Subscriber explicitly agrees and gives consent to Quadplay to receive SMS communication irrespective of Subscriber’s mobile number registration under NDNC registry. The Subscriber understands that the Subscriber, directly or indirectly, shall not initiate any legal action or claim any monetary expenses against Quadplay or its SMS service provider/partners/authorized agents for such cornmunications/SMS under applicable laws..

CPE provided by Quadplay for Subscribed Services will be property of Quadplay and the Subscriber needs to return the CPE in good order & working condition, failing which Quadplay will charge the Subscriber, a minimum sum of Rs.1,5007- (Rupees One Thousand and Five Hundred only) per CPE not returned or returned in non working condition.

The Subscriber shall use the Subscribed Services in accordance with Quadplay AUP. AUP means the current version of Quadplay Acceptable Use Policy provided on its website (as may be modified/changed by Quadplay from time to time).